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On behalf of the faculty and staff of World Changers Christian Academy, we would like to welcome all our new families to the exciting school year! We are in great expectation of what this year has in store and look forward to partnering with each of you.


Parents, we want you to know that this is the year that we are “FULLY COMMITTED”. We first and foremost are fully committed to uphold and honor the Name of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to never be ashamed of the firm foundation on which we are built. Also, we are committed to forging an enduring partnership with parents and students for academic success.


World Changers Christian Academy is here to assist parents in providing a complete, Christ-Centered Education for your children. In order to accomplish this goal, we need and expect full cooperation between parents, faculty, and staff.

Let’s work together to guarantee the success and achievement of our students!

Mr. & Mrs. Serrano, Administrators

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