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THE BLACK BELT CURRICULUM is where each student will learn from White Belt to Black Belt in the Martial Arts to be knowledgeable in self defense. In it they will learn the importance of Focus, Discipline, Self Control etc..

World Changers Christian Academy (WCCA) is the only private school that offers this program to all student enrolled in the academy. Mr. Serrano, is a 4th Degreed Black Belt in the Martial Arts with over 30 years of teaching experience. Martial Arts was designed to instill good character in the life of the youth through the training. Students will also learn on how to set goals ant how to make those goals a reality in their life. Mr. Serrano as the Dean of WCCA believes in the importance of training and educating the youth in many disciplines that will help the youth to be successful in life.

You can be sure that your child will benefit and enjoy the BLACK BELT CURRICULUM.

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